Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dear readers,
Now, I’m at CFS IIUM, Petaling Jaya.. About an hour later I’ll be signing off to CFS IIUM, Nilai.
Yeay! It’s so near to my hometown..
For about a week I’ve been staying here and I get to know a lot, I mean it, a lot of types of friend here!

Surely, this campus, teach me a lot of things.. Unusual and very different environtment for me, as this is my first time living in hostel..

Friends from around the Malaysia, different types of school and a very unique personalities each of them.

For a week, I have to stay at CFS IIUM, Petaling Jaya to attend the orientation week or as known as Taaruf Week Programme. Yup! My days are full with briefing,briefing, and more briefing..

I’ll tell you more about it, because I have to catch a bus to go to CFS IIUM Nilai, see u then~

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