Sunday, April 26, 2009


when the visions around you,
bring the tears in your eyes,
and all that surround you,
are only secret and lies...

i will be your strength,
i will give you hope,
keeping your faith when it is gone,
the one and only you should call,
is here all along (Allah)..
i give You my word,
i give You my heart,

owh my dear friend,
this is a battle we have to win!
and with this victory,
forever for Islam has now begun!

just close your eyes,
each our hard times,
i know this feeling ( to dakwah) won't go away,
till the day my life is through,
i will always do my best!!

over and over we fall,
when we face the obstacles,
Ya Allah,
without You in my life,
without Your favour,
without Your maghfirah,
without Your love,
i just wouldn't be living at all..

Ya Allah,
help us in our life,
show us THE way,
give us some strength..

my dear friend,
my dear sahabat,
together we stand for Islam!
we have to sit up straight!
we have to still standing!
for Islam!
All for one.. ( kita adalah satu)
All the best!!

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